Yoga is for Every Body

Yoga is moving from one level of perfection to another level of perfection. You can start the practice of yoga right now! Because it is an inner journey, you can only compare yourself to yourself. And in its true sense yoga is not a competition and it is not about the difficult twists and bends that you may see, or about looking good on the beach. Yoga is a holistic approach to bring well-being to your body, mind and spirit.

All About Balance

It is true that many people have been turning to eastern practices like yoga to improve overall fitness and flexibility. And we are now coming to a point wherein physical postures, breathwork, meditation and yogic knowledge have become a way to gain equanimity amidst these turbulent times. Become naturally aligned with yourself, with the people and situations around you, and make your life more joyful and effortless with yoga!

Aligning with the Existence

The physical body is the first and most obvious dimension of our existence. You cannot ignore the body and still progress steadily on the spiritual path. And to take care of the body requires a certain amount of discipline. With his extensive training in martial arts like Aikido, Taekwondo, Judo and Capoeira in his youth, Purnesh gained discipline and awareness – preparing him for the discipline of yoga. The two decades of sincere yoga practice that followed under the guidance of world renowned proponent of yoga Gurudev Sri Sri Ravi Shankar now translates into a graceful practice for you with Purnesh.

Living and Breathing Yoga

Many have brought more depth and understanding to their yoga practice, or have even become yoga teachers, or rather, yogis, under the guidance of Purnesh. You can learn a tremendous amount from someone who is living the yogic values for decades and who is established in this knowledge, like Purnesh. Get introduced to a joyful and balanced daily yoga practice, or deepen your understanding of yoga on his teacher trainings and advanced yoga retreats under the aegis of the Sri Sri School of Yoga.

FREE e-book: Learn Therapeutic Mudras

This 16-page e-book Learn Therapeutic Mudras introduces you to the fascinating science of healing mudras, or hand postures. Mudras are part of the ancient knowledge of Ayurveda and Yoga. Learn some of the basic principles of Ayurveda, know the practical guidelines on how to use mudras, and their specific benefits. You will find a section with remedies for common health problems, like mudras for headaches, weak digestion, to improve sleep; as well as mudras to improve concentration, reduce anxiety and stress, or to give relief from high blood pressure.

Upcoming Yoga Programs

Deepen your understanding of yoga and start or improve your yoga practice by joining one of the upcoming Yoga programs with Purnesh. You can either try a free online Masterclass or register for one of the online Sri Sri Yoga Foundation Programs or Advanced Retreats.

Yoga Videos

You will find exciting details on the ancient tradition and scriptures of Yoga in these videos by Purnesh. Explore his Youtube channel for more fascinating videos.

“Yoga is not about making your body perfect, it is about realizing you are already perfect and being able to accept and love yourself the way you are. The more this happens, the more the stresses and strains leave you, you will find that you become more and more flexible, loving, caring, happy and fulfilled.”