Vedic Wisdom

Wisdom as a Tree

Imagine you are sitting under a tree. Its leaves are evergreen, the trunk so thick, it takes your whole family to embrace. The roots you cannot see, but because of the roots the tree is thriving. It is the same with wisdom. With age, the unnecessary leaves fall away, rough edges become smooth. The crown grows higher and broader, giving shade and solace to many, who seek wisdom – like you. True wisdom, beyond just concepts or motivational quotes, can inspire and serve you for the rest of your life.

Vedic Wisdom

Even though thousands of years old wisdom, such as the Vedic Tradition, has become more relevant in recent years. More and more we find ourselves turning to time-tested practices and ceremonies, preserved and perfected by a long lineage of sages and saints, because they offer solutions for many problems we are facing today. Vedic wisdom is considered to be the most ancient of all living traditions of spiritual and practical knowledge. The sciences of Yoga, Ayurveda, Mantras, Vastu, Jyotish and Yagyas all are branches of this tree.

Decoding the vast knowledge handed down to us by the tradition of Masters from time immemorial takes multiple lifetimes. In spite of this, we can gain valuable wisdom from the unique ability of Purnesh, as he helps you navigate through the complexities of this knowledge. His mastery of explaining abstract concepts in easy language and examples relatable to our day-to-day lives, makes the knowledge come alive, and gives you a way to apply it, making it a part of your self.

The Ancient Tradition

Purnesh is equipped to awaken a profound appreciation for the ancient practices and cultural heritage in us. Not only because of his background in Indology and Sanskrit, but living his life according to the Vedic Tradition for over a decade and a half makes it simply authentic. He has been receiving direct guidance from his Master, Gurudev Sri Sri Ravi Shankar, who is one of the foremost custodians of this tradition in modern times. Having a Master is an extremely important aspect in the Vedic Tradition, as many of the nuances, secrets and deeper meaning of this knowledge can only be unlocked by one who has mastered it.

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This 10-page e-book Gayatri Mantra Explained introduces you to what the Gayatri mantra is and why it is considered to be the most powerful and important mantra in the Vedic tradition. You will learn the meaning and the deeper significance of this profound mantra, and also the guidelines on how the Gayatri mantra should be learned and practiced.

Upcoming Vedic Wisdom Programs

Learn and experience more of the ancient Vedic traditions and scriptures by joining one of the upcoming Vedic Wisdom programs with Purnesh. You can either try a free online Masterclass, or join some of the discourses or ceremonies.

Vedic Wisdom Videos

Let yourself be transported to the ancient times of the Vedic tradition, and learn more about this carefully preserved knowledge in the following videos by Purnesh. Explore his Youtube channel for more fascinating videos.

“Light has always been a symbol for wisdom, purity, truth and good. When the sun sets, people used to seek comfort near the fire, and once the fire of knowledge is awakened in one’s heart, all fear and sorrow evaporates and leaves nothing but light.”