Why Meditation is Easy

You may think that in order to meditate you need to be able to sit in a difficult posture for a long period of time, without moving. And to make matters worse, you also are not allowed to think of anything. There should be no thoughts at all, or maybe just one thing that you keep focusing on the entire time. The frustration of not being able to do this makes you drop the idea of meditation, and with it a chance of achieving true inner peace. Thankfully meditation doesn’t require all the above.

Why Meditation is Difficult

You can also think that a mindfulness exercise – trying to focus on something – is the same as meditation, not realizing that in many ways it is the direct opposite. Meditation is the art of doing nothing, or de-concentration, it is relaxing the mind to the extent that you actually transcend it. It is a delicate skill that comes by practice, not by knowing something intellectually, and requires effortlessness, rather than effort. And if you think that a 5-minute meditation app or some ocean or waterfall sounds is enough to get you there, then you are yet to experience true meditation.

Why Meditation is for YOU

When you are constantly engaged with the outside world through the senses, however nice it may be, you are spending your energy, and finally you get exhausted. Meditation is gaining back that energy by turning the mind inwards, allowing the mind to rest deeply in its source. With meditation you can get rid of stress, unwanted impressions and emotions. You can experience a more lasting and profound sense of contentment and inner peace, than any external stimuli could give you. True happiness and freedom you can only experience when your mind is at peace and comfortable not only with the people and situations around you, but the concepts and expectations within yourself. And meditation is the most effective tool to achieve this.

Where to Learn Meditation

Purnesh is a meditation teacher of The Art of Living who can guide you properly, because he has a vast experience and knowledge of meditation. Having been introduced to meditation in early childhood, and having practiced under the guidance of the world-renowned master Gurudev Sri Sri Ravi Shankar for twenty years, he is able to relate to your experiences at each step of the way. Around 10,000 hours of meditation and thousands of participants across the world can attest to that. Realize the profound and effortless serenity in his programs. And allow your mind to settle as you dive deep within.

Try a meditation right now, and experience the silent space within yourself.

Just sit back, close your eyes, and let Purnesh be your guide in being with your true nature.

Looking Inward: Meditating to Survive in a Changing World

lookinginward book mock up

In this practical guide, Purnesh helps you on your personal journey towards finding the root cause of your anxiety, stress and restlessness, using meditation to collect distracted thoughts, soothe the senses and refocus your energy to being present in the moment. Practical examples and easy-to-do-exercises enrich the reading experience. 

This book on meditation is a beautiful account of personal experiences, meaningful stories and practical wisdom that he has received from his Master, about learning how our mind works, and how to manage it, so that you can transcend it and access the true source of peace, happiness and support.

Upcoming Meditation Programs

Deepen your understanding and experience of meditation, whether you are a beginner or a practitioner, by joining one of the upcoming Meditation programs with Purnesh. You can either try a free online Masterclass, or register for one of the online Art of Living meditation programs.

Meditation Videos

Make your meditations more peaceful and effortless by listening to expert guidance by Purnesh in the following videos. Explore his Youtube channel for more fascinating videos.

“Meditation is finding that place inside, where you are eternally free, untouched and unbounded. It is connecting with your true nature; it is becoming who you really are.”