Mantras Harness the Energies of Sound

Mantras are sound vibrations that harness the subtle energies of this creation. The use of mantras may seem like an abstract concept to you. But the proper use of mantras can help you in so many ways and can improve different areas of your life.  Sound vibrations can create profound and positive changes in the body, and in our mind as well. This science of sound has long been revealed by ancient masters. In fact, a lot of content in ancient texts discusses how to harness certain specific sound vibrations, that were considered to be sacred, because of their power and beneficial effects.

How Mantras Can Help You

There are many different mantras, each with its own unique benefit and effect, such as: 

  1. Mantra for peace of mind
  2. Mantra to attract abundance and increase wealth
  3. Mantra to increase focus, study better and do well in exams
  4. Mantra for luck in relationships
  5. Mantra to purify the atmosphere, remove negativity and obstacles
  6. Mantra to invoke valor to get through challenges
  7. Mantra to improve health

Expert Guidance 

To know which mantra you can use for what purpose, and how you need to practice it, requires proper guidance. With over 15 years of studying and teaching the Science of Mantras, Purnesh teaches how Mantras came into existence, what are the different types of mantras, their governing energies and many more fine aspects. Purnesh expertly guides you to the mantras that are suitable for you, to start your journey towards making Mantras a part of your daily life.


Sit back, close your eyes, and experience the effects of the sacred mantras recited with precision and in a meditative state by Purnesh.


Invoke the blessings of specific divine energies by listening to a number of powerful mantras in the album Suktanjali. The Suktas are hymns from the Vedas, and Purnesh is reciting them according to the proper Vedic intonations and in a meditative manner. You can play them in any space to purify and charge the environment with positive vibrations. Listening to the mantras in a comfortable posture you can prepare yourself for meditation, and can enjoy many benefits, such as:

  • removing obstacles in your endeavors
  • increasing wealth and prosperity
  • bestowing strength, courage, good fortune and health
  • taking away fear, insecurity and negative energies and impressions

Mantra Kavacham

For overall protection, listen to the powerful mantras of the album Mantra Kavacham. Purnesh is reciting each of the 7 mantras 108 times. When you regularly listen to the mantra it becomes like a Kavacham, or an ‘armour’, protecting you from negativity and harm, both on the gross and subtle level.

  • Om Gam Ganapataye Namah: A mantra for Ganesha, the energy that removes obstacles in your life, kindles wisdom and determination.
  • Om Namah Shivaya: A mantra for Shiva, the energy that brings harmony in your surroundings, body, mind and emotions.
  • Om Namo Narayanaya & Om Namo Bhagavate Vasudevaya: Mantras for Narayana, or Vishnu, the energy that sustains and nourishes this Creation, your body and your mind.
  • Maha Mrityunjaya Mantra: Another mantra for Shiva, that can free you from worldly misery and suffering, by realizing your true nature.
  • Navagraha Mantra: A mantra to balance the effects of the Navagraha, or the nine celestial bodies, which represent Time itself. It can pacify the so-called ‘bad times’ and enhance the ‘good times’ in your life.
  • Dhanvantari Mantra: A mantra to invoke the energy of Dhanvantari, a form of Narayana that is considered as the Lord of Ayurveda. He is the celestial healer, who can bless you with health and long life.

FREE e-book: Learn Mantras for Daily Use

This 20-page e-book Learn Mantras for Daily Use introduces you to the breathtaking science of mantras. You will find practical guidelines on how mantras are to be recited, and which mantras are suitable for which activities.

  • Section 1 contains mantras for daily activities (eg. mantras before having a meal, mantras before starting any important work)
  • Section 2 contains mantras for specific purposes (eg. a mantra to improve concentration for studies, mantras to remove negative energy, also mantras to remove bad effects of the planets (navagraha))

Upcoming Mantra Programs

Learn more about the science of mantras by joining one of the upcoming Mantra programs with Purnesh. You can either try a free online Masterclass or register for one of the online programs to learn to recite specific mantras.

Mantra Videos

Discover more secrets on various aspects of the ancient science of Mantras in the following videos by Purnesh. Explore his Youtube channel for more fascinating videos.

“The whole creation is made up of the five elements, and the vibrations of mantras have an effect on these elements. Reciting or listening to mantras has a profound effect on the body, mind, consciousness and the environment.”