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You care for the well-being of your employees and colleagues in these unprecedented times.

You may be searching for a meditation program for companies, or other effective programs with practical tools and techniques to manage stress and related issues at your organization. The corporate programs conducted by Purnesh are designed to address these issues, and they integrate management techniques for optimum performance with enhanced productivity of your employees. The programs significantly improve teamwork, boost employee morale, and help employees align with corporate values. You may discover hidden talents in employees, learn secrets of effective communication vs. stress, and more.

Purnesh has conducted programs, masterclasses and interactive sessions for companies like Barclays, Microsoft, Global YPOs, Birla Precision Technologies (BPT), Confederation of Indian Industry (CII), IMC Chamber of Commerce and Industry, and more.

The tailored sessions for the C-suite executives covered the topics of Mind Management, Leadership Skills, Health and Productivity, Inspiring Wisdom, Yoga, Meditation, to name a few. These inspiring programs showcase the specialty of Purnesh: Shots of Serenity, Yoga Beyond Asanas, The Alchemy of Consciousness, Mind Matters: Leading from Within.

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“Do not underestimate the benefits of meditation! A calm mind, rested nervous system and clear perception, observation and expression are invaluable to being effective, efficient and successful!”