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“We tend to get stuck with our positions and places. When we can flow with whatever life offers, life becomes a celebration.” – Gurudev Sri Sri Ravi Shankar

Dear Ones, I would like to share with you that my Master has blessed me with a new name: Purnesh. The meaning of this Sanskrit name is ‘one who is complete (Purna) Divinity (Isha)’.

For the last two years I have been based in The Netherlands and my Master now asked me to settle here. I then approached Him to ask for His blessings to enter a new phase of my spiritual journey – one where I continue without the title of a Swami. This is a big change for me, because I always thought that living a life of service meant being a Swami. But I have realised that there is more beyond this role and title, and that I can serve and reach more people in this place and time while living in the world, rather than by renouncing it.

This change was not easy for me, as I realised I had started identifying myself with the role of a Swami. However, I also started realizing that there is much more to discover about myself beyond this role. And this avenue was still open for me to explore with the blessings of my Master, as I never underwent the Sanyasa samskara.

I am very grateful for all that my role and life as a Swami has taught me these last twelve years, and I would not change any step on this journey. They were able to take me to where I stand today and also allowed me to experience the life I aspired to as a child: the life of a wandering monk. It has taken me as far as I could go on this road and now a new chapter of my life is unfolding.

So, the journey that I am embarking on now is that of discovering who I truly am, and during this journey I would like to continue sharing my insights and inspiration with all of you. I will continue my life dedicated to service and sharing the knowledge.

I will always remain grateful to all the people that have supported me in my journey and service to the world all these years – know that I have never taken it for granted that you have welcomed me into your homes and shared your kindness and food with me. I am also humbled and very grateful to all the people who have been so supportive in this new phase of my journey.

What is known, feels safe and comfortable, but to truly walk the path requires being ready to venture into the unknown. Who knows what the future will bring? Life is a wonderful adventure and I have always loved adventures…and wherever life takes me, I have complete faith it is beautiful and where I am destined to be.

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Looking Inward: Meditating to Survive in a Changing World

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In this practical guide, Purnesh helps you on your personal journey towards finding the root cause of your anxiety, stress and restlessness, using meditation to collect distracted thoughts, soothe the senses and refocus your energy to being present in the moment. Practical examples and easy-to-do-exercises enrich the reading experience. 

This book on meditation is a beautiful account of personal experiences, meaningful stories and practical wisdom that he has received from his Master, about learning how our mind works, and how to manage it, so that you can transcend it and access the true source of peace, happiness and support.

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“The more you stop running behind things, and the more you start being who you are, and being happy and content with that, the more beautiful you become. Your presence itself becomes a blessing to others.”